Modern Slavery Statement | Codes | Roadmap

We can bring together all your hard work in policy development, systems integration, risk assessment and supplier engagement, and prepare your first Modern Slavery Statement and other important documents.

Modern Slavery Statement

Your Modern Slavery Statement is your primary means of telling the world where you stand on addressing modern slavery, and what actions you have taken to improve your supply chains and operations. 

Human Rights Position Statement

Modern Slavery is one human rights issue among others that your company may need to address. The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights enables companies to taken action on other issues as well. Having a positional statement on human rights demonstrates your overall commitment to securing justice for all types of workers, contractors and suppliers. 

As you address Modern Slavery, you will also increase your capacity to address other human rights violations. We can help you develop an overall statement that will be attractive to investors and customers. 

Code of Ethics and Conduct

We can help you formulate and integrate modern slavery inputs to your existing code of ethics and supplier code of conduct.